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Island Heights Board of Health
Island Heights Environmental Committee
Island Heights Planning Board
Island Heights Post Office Advisory Committee - Still To Come
Island Heights Recreation Committee
Island Heights Senior Advisory Committee
Office of Emergency Management

The Island Heights Board of Health meets once a month on the second Tuesday at the borough hall at 9:00 AM. The Board takes care of the rabies and flu clinics each year. We are basically a sounding board for problems in the borough.

The Island Heights Environmental committee was formed to advise the mayor and council on issues of environmental importance. This committee provides information to the residents via our web site and the council newsletter. Some topics the EC has addressed:
Storm water
Fertilizer use
Shade trees and Ornamental grasses along the river.
Energy Efficiency

Meetings are open to all residents and are held at borough hall on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM.

The Island Heights Planning Board is a combined board for planning and zoning. The planning board's essential duties are to deal with policy (the master plan) and the implementation of that policy through the zoning, site plan and subdivision ordinances. These ordinances establish a series of ground rules to be met by an applicant. As for the zoning board portion, it deals with the issuance of variances which are based upon the municipality's zoning ordinance. The zoning ordinance establishes specific requirements for the land area within the municipality and regulates not only the uses permitted, but the size of the parcels, setbacks required, parking, signs, conditional uses and numerous other such regulations.

Meeting dates are for the most part the second Wednesday of the month, at the Borough Hall starting at 6:30pm.

Island Heights Recreation Committee organizes events to encourage community fellowship for all ages. There are structured sporting events during the spring and summer, such as Tee-ball basketball, soccer. Additional events that are organized by the committee are bonfire, campout night, Easter egg hunt, Halloween Parade, the town holiday tree lighting and 4th of July Parade.

Meetings are open to all residents and are held at borough hall generally on the last Monday (with a few exceptions) of each month at 7:30 PM. Check the borough calendar for exact dates.

In 2006, the Mayor and Council created The Island Heights Senior Advisory Committee.

The ordinance and bylaws state (in part) our purpose as:

"The advisory committee shall be responsible for advising mayor and council on matters impacting Island Heights seniors (55 +), including but not limited to such areas of concern as health and social services, recreation, educational opportunities, intergenerational programs and taxation"

To date, the senior advisory committee has initiated a senior Walking Club, a monthly get-together day with scheduled events such as computer class and current affairs, trip opportunities and various other social events.

Meetings are open to all residents and are held at Borough Hall on the first Thursday of each month at 7pm.

The Island Heights Office of Emergency Management (OEM) represents a Local Emergency Planning Council (LEPC). It is chaired by the Emergency Management Coordinator and members include leaders of the Police, Fire, First Aid, and Public Works Departments, the Mayor and a Council representative. The OEM also has several staff members to support the Coordinator. The OEM is headquartered in the Island Heights Emergency Operations Center next to Police Headquarters.

The Island Heights OEM develops plans for handling emergencies and ensures that all emergency response agencies are properly trained and equipped to perform their designated functions and work as a team. The OEM meets regularly and conducts emergency response exercises each year. Among them are the annual exercise for the Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station as well as drills testing our response plans for hurricanes, winter storms, long-term power outages and other emergencies.

The OEM coordinates damage assessment after storms and other disasters and works with FEMA to obtain disaster relief funds, which brought in thousands of dollars to repair bulkheads and streets damaged by storms over past years.

The OEM also obtains equipment like radios, generators, computers, shelter supplies and the EOC/Police building for our emergency response through state and federal grants.

Island Heights OEM can be contacted by calling (732) 270-5500 or email to: ISLHTSOEM@comcast.net